January 16, 2020

We visit SoHo’s leading stores to experience firsthand what’s changing in New York’s retail

SoHo, in Manhattan, has become one of the city’s iconic commercial areas. With its industrial look and its distinctive cast-iron-fronted buildings, the district is known for hosting some of the biggest design brands and some of the most sophisticated stores in all of retail.

To make the most of our New York visit, we joined a walking tour around SoHo to take a close look at the new business and customer experience concepts that are already being implemented here. Here we share our stroll around stores that have completely changed the way they interact with customers and brought new technologies closer to the sales outlet.

Want to measure your skin’s moisture digitally?
At Sephora, you can

Incorporating technological gadgets into the shopping experience is no novelty to this store, which has featured innovative concepts such as sensory cosmetics. One of its latest additions is an intelligent beauty tool that measures the moisture of the customer’s skin so they can choose the products that suit them best.

Customize your sneakers at Converse

One of the biggest innovations at the NYC Converse Store is that it allows you to decide how you want your sneakers to look, down to the last detail. Sit down with a tablet and choose the type of lettering, the shape, the logo and the image you want to wear. An experience that takes buying footwear to a whole new level.

An interactive store where you can try out Nike products

Nike’s SoHo flagship store offers a multisport interactive shopping experience. Put your soccer cleats to the test on their interactive field, check the support of your sneakers’ soles at the running experience, or do custom drills with in-store certified athletes at their half-court basketball area.

Yoga lessons and organic drinks at…
the Alo Yoga clothing store

Alo offers a complete immersive experience at their 15,000 square feet store in SoHo. Equip yourself with all you need for yoga and get ready to attend the classes they offer in that same building. Two floors that combine sportswear sales, a yoga studio and a space for community building where you can enjoy a healthy drink.

Your Gentle Monster glasses in a future where the Earth and the Moon drift apart

The installations put together by eyewear brand Gentle Monster have visitors believe they’ve entered an art gallery. Their kinetic sculptures and installations offer you the chance to explore their metaphoric view of the future (a scenario where a 13th lunar month has been created), all the while showcasing their eyewear collections so you can find the model that’s just right for you.

Experiment with colors and fragrances at the Atelier Beauté Chanel

Chanel has made buying cosmetics a unique and personal experience. Visiting their chic atelier allows customers to play with a wide variety of products and colors. Make sure to blindly sniff and experience all their fragrances, and to find your best angle in their selfie-ready mirrors!

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