We’re here to break the rules

The moment is now to tackle the retail and branding transformation. We’re doing so through a disruptive approach that breaks with industry frameworks, rebuilding them through a lens of emotion, inspiration and experience.


We showcase the next wave of innovation. Visitors can find solutions, inspiration and partners, and discover where and how to start moving towards the future of retail.


The event brings the entire retail ecosystem together in one place. Every member of the industry has a part to play here.

Discover yours!

Where and when?

Barcelona is one of the ten most attractive European cities for the international retail trade. Big retail players have chosen the city as the ideal spot for showcasing innovation in the sector.


RBEWC is a comprehensive event with a Congress, a Startup Village, a curated Trade Show, shopping experience routes, networking activities and much more.

Who is the host?

Fira Barcelona organizes and hosts major shows and congresses every year.
Its venues boast technological infrastructure tried and tested in dozens of complex international events.

More than 80 years of experience has consolidated Fira Barcelona’s reputation as a successful international business platform.



Five new approaches
to retail

A Congress to inspire

Hear industry decision makers and innovative companies and retailers debate the sector’s global future. RBEWC’s keynote sessions, panels and workshops focus on what’s driving change in retail.

Start-up’s Disruptive pioneers

We break with traditional frameworks to keep up with the technology start-ups redefining retail and e-commerce. They’re ready to take off – are you ready to meet them?

Selected Trade Show to amaze

Quality and disruption come together in the exhibition area. Our showroom is all about real innovation, highlighting the companies most on the cutting edge.

Retail Safari Route to experience

Barcelona’s retail scene is part of its unique identity. RBEWC reveals routes through the city’s shopping zones, showcasing how local retailers are creating new methods of engagement through technology, design and service.

Business & Leisure to engage

“Relax, have fun, do business”: that’s the aim of our networking program, and Barcelona is in the perfect place to do it.



RBEWC helps brands create
and strengthen their
connections to retailers
, to find
solutions that set them apart
from their competitors, and to
establish a new rapport with
their customers.


What is experiential retail?
How can we implement it,
breaking barriers between the
physical and the digital?
RBEWC helps retailers to
understand and incorporate
solutions allowing them to
generate new business models.


A specialized event showcasing
the latest tech solutions from
every aspect, inspiring retailers
and quality brands to
communicate and display
products more effectively.


RBEWC brings together
industry leaders, successful
entrepreneurs and digital
experts, along with renowned
accelerators, incubators and
investors in retail and branding.

Barcelona, a laboratory of retail’s trends

Barcelona is one of the most attractive European cities for the international retail trade. Big retail players have chosen the city as the ideal spot for showcasing innovation in the sector. The best of the city is waiting for you at RBEWC 2021.

Experience the city

From AR to 5G: tech transforming the wants and needs of tomorrow’s customers.