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Alberto Molina

Managing Director at Accenture

The physical store is going to be preserved, but changing its role to be more about an experience, not just products. The important thing is to complement the different channels and to behave and interact with the client as a whole, in a coherent manner.

Interview with Alberto Molina

Understanding Trends in Retail

Interviewer: Can you introduce yourself and your company?

AM: Sure, my company is Accenture, a worldwide company that is providing in many countries in the world services and solutions to our clients, which means providing services around new technologies and digital transformation. And myself, I’m leading Retail Iberia practice, which means leading retail in Iberia, in Spain and Portugal.

I: You had a talk this morning, can you tell us something about it…

AM: Sure. We had five retailers: Ikea, Leroy Merlin, Carrefour, DIA and
Cortefiel, and at the end we were discussing the new trends and behaviours in consumers, and how retailers are adapting to these changes in consumers.

I: What can you tell us about these trends?

AM: Very interestingly, we had four different trends: the first of them was that, in the comparison between online versus in-store, there is no real difference. The important thing is to complement the different channels and to behave and interact with the client as a whole, in a coherent manner. There was also another trend regarding people buying more experiences than products, the
third one is that people are willing to buy brands that show an interest for
society and its sustainability and, let’s say, the worldwide community, and the last one is the typical interest for pricing and time saving.

I: What’s the role of Accenture in this fair?

AM: We are working with all these retailers, helping them to transform
themselves and adapt to these changes. We are moderating and have prepared a report analysing and describing these changes in trends, which we have shared with our clients and we have, let’s say, coordinated with them this thought process about how we, together with other retailers, can change the way that we service the clients.

I: And the last question, where do you think retail is going? What is the future of retail?

AM: Interesting question. Retail is having to face a very interesting challenge with Amazon, Alibaba and the digital disruption, but it’s going to a very interesting place, because at the end what they are doing is growing from the physical store that is going to be preserved but changing its role to be more experience than products, and change the way we are shopping, but also growing through other different channels like mobile apps, webs and different services that we can provide to the client. So, in this sense, retail is going to grow and not lose the physical store as being one more of the different elements that come into play.

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