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Jesús Mansilla

Enterprise Sales Manager at CISCO

"We have solutions based on a digital platform to transform the #CustomerExperience, to increase the #productivity of the workforce, to improve the security on the #stores and also to optimize the #IT and the store operations"

Interview with Jesús Mansilla

Digital Solutions for an Evolving Sector

Interviewer: Ok, so first of all can you introduce yourself?

JM: Yes, sir. My name is Jesús Mansilla. I’m the director of Enterprise in Spain, I’m leading all the retail sector here

I: So what do you have today in your stand?

JM: So, CISCO is presenting here all its solutions for the retail sector. What can you see here in our booth? We have solutions based on a digital platform to transform the customer experience, to increase the productivity of the workforce, to improve security on the stores and also to optimize the IT and the store operations.

I: Can you give us any example of these screens you have here?

JM: Yeah, we can have a round afterwards if you want… We have solutions to connect customer with experts for instance, we can also integrate adverts with products in order for the customer to know what they are buying and how to use what they are buying, we also have solutions to avoid fraud on the stores and many other solutions that you will see later on.

I: And what do you think about this fair? What are the benefits for companies, for people to come here…?

JM: This is the first time this exhibition takes place and for us it’s a must-be. It’s a great exhibition and it’s helping the retail sector in Spain. By the way, the retail sector is one of the most important sectors worldwide. In Spain it represents 5% of the GDP, plus 10% of the total national employment. We have in Spain 750.000 establishments that suppose 25% of self-employment. CISCO is also helping those retail companies here in Spain through a program called “Digitaliza” to accelerate the digital transformation.

Jesus Mansilla cisco

I: And which is the current situation of retail in general? And where do you think it’s going?

JM: Ok. Good question, by the way. Retail is in the middle of a transformation at the moment, and also in Spain with the disruption in recent years. We can see… there is a report done by CISCO, the Digital Borders Report, which predicts that before the end of next year 4 out of the 10 most significant retailers would be disrupted by a new entrance. What does that mean? It means that if a retailer is not able to transform itself, they will have trouble. However, this is not necessarily the way it will work, so retailers that will transform digitally will be in a better position to gain and compete in a fast moving market.

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